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You can register as a member by completing and submitting the registration form with the standing authorization. Cancellation of membership is possible twice a year, ie before 30 November or before 31 July.

If you are younger than 16 years of age, you will be asked whether you have permission from a parent, caregiver or legal representative to enter into this membership.

(Fields with * are mandatory).

If you are under 16 years of age, permission by a parent, caregiver, or legal representative is required to confirm the club membership.
Please thoroughly check the bank account number entered above.
The membership can be cancelled twice a year, either before 30 November or before 31 July. All cancellations have to be addressed to the club secretary, by email.
By submitting this form, you authorize Badmintonvereniging Zeeburg to send recurring direct debits to your bank to incur an amount from your bank account. In case you disagree with the debit, you can obtain a refund through your bank within 8 weeks after the collection. Contact your bank for the process. Badmintonvereniging Zeeburg Sumatrakade 799 1019 PX AMSTERDAM Incassant ID NL08ZZZ405347760000.
Applies for a membership of Badmintonvereniging Zeeburg and commits to the obligations related to the membership, as described in the statutes of the club, as deposited at the Chamber of Commerce (number 40543776)

Before submitting the form, you can print it here